iOS 8 Family Sharing Setup

I initially failed at setting up Family Sharing, the new iOS8 feature for our devices. The problem, I created an Apple ID and it was forcing me to put a credit card in for my kids. That defeats the purpose of what I am doing, I don’t want to have the card all of the place.

So, I tried it again today and realized that right on the device when turning on Family Sharing there is an option to create a child Apple ID at the bottom. Use this option for creating accounts for your children. One other thing I notice, is I had to remove my debit card which I usually link to iTunes to have a regular credit card to verify that I was an adult. So, I added a credit card and added my children as child accounts for Apple IDs and then changed the credit card back to a debit card.

Now, I have both kids with their own Apple IDs, child accounts that they have to request a purchase through iTunes/App Store and either my wife or I can approver he purchase with our adult accounts.

Also, we all now have separate FaceTime and iMessage accounts instead of aliases that I created.

So, let’s see how this goes and I will provide more feedback as we go forward.


Will Apple Watch replace activity trackers

This week we found out about the new iPhones, two new models will be available including the iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5 inch screen. This is the one I want. :)

Also, the Apple Watch come was announced. This new device will NOT be available until early 2015 but seems like it could be a game changer. We know that Apple is not always the first to come out with these technologies, but Apple is the one that makes them into something that everyone wants.

So, I am left thinking will I upgrade my Fitbit One to a new model of Fitbit when one is released or will I just purchase an Apple Watch? If we look at the price points, they are far apart,  a Fitbit Flex is just under $100 while Apple Watch is projected to cost $350.  But, when it also has more features than just an activity tracker. It can share your heart beat. :)

Measuring your heart rate is important for exercising, I have consider getting a heart rate monitor and I am now curious how Apple Watch will compare with our heart rate monitors.  I am looking forward to learning more about Apple Watch in the next few months. I would have liked to see it come in just under $300, but that’s just me.

What are you initial thoughts on Apple Watch?


Personal Kanban Retrospective

I am now in my third week of Personal Kanban, and wanted to take this time to write a retrospective about it. I wanted to write this over the weekend but I feel ill. :(

So, first things first. Read about my Personal Kanban here.

My initial thoughts are that I truly LOVE it. I find it so fulfilling to see what I have on my plate and to see what I have accomplished each day as well as each week. As I mentioned, I actually have 6 done columns, one for each week day and one combined done for Weekends. I found this very useful for my daily stand ups, I am able to simple look at my previous day and I remember what I did and can provide that information to my team. The same works with my Today (Doing) column, all cards are right in front of me for easy viewing.

I will continue doing this then, below is a screen shot of my “Done” columns. I archive these columns each Monday before I start my day.


So, with that said what would I like to STOP doing. One thing  that I am not liking is keeping my personal and work cards together on one board. I find it to overwhelming this way. I am going to look at creating a separate board just for home projects and tasks. Where at work I keep a lot of details on my task so I have it available for my stand up, my wife doesn’t want to have a daily stand up. :) She just wants what I said I would do to get DONE.



Yinzers get FIT

I am excited to move forward on my journey to lead a healthy lifestyle. Simply put, I want to eat healthy, exercise regularly. Would you like to join me on this journey?


Join me today, let’s make this happen!

Or you can purchase the 21 Day FIX Challenge Pack!


Yinzers Get FIT! We can do this together!


Back in December 2013, actually the last Monday of 2013 I decided to start a diet and begin my journey towards a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t want to start on New Years Day,  because I didn’t want this to be a New Years Resolution.

Throughout the year, I have lost weight and had a roller coaster since then. Below is a graph of my journey so far, starting on December 30, 2013 until today (Sept 6, 2014).


So, I have tried Atkins, Weight Watchers, counting calories and continually monitoring my step count with a Fitbit. Now, I am kicking this journey into high gear. I joined Team Beachbody, the creator of P90X and many others, something I would love to try.

I am starting with the 21 Day FIX, I purchased the challenge pack which comes with the fitness program as well as a month of Shakeology.

Starting on September 15, I am participating in a challenge called the 21 Day “Waist” Removal Challenge. This challenge is based on The 21 Day FIX.  Portion control is a key component of this program as well as 30 minutes of exercise on each day.

Join me on my journey and together we can achieve our goals and life healthy lifestyles. You don’t have to buy anything, I will be posting in the private group Yinzers Get FIT what I am doing and how.

Sign up with the link below at Team BeachBody with me as your coach for FREE! We can do this, let’s make this happen.


My Personal Kanban

So, I have finished the book Personal Kanban and really like it a lot. I am a professional Scrum Master. I have spoke about Scrum to children at school as well as Take Your Daughter & Son To Work Days.

 A kanban is a tool to visualize, organize, and complete work. – See more at:

This is the end of my second week using Personal Kanban from my personal tasks at work and home.

Personal Kanban

The above is a screen shot of some of my Pesonal Kanban board, I will describe my workflow here.

I have the following swim lanes that I use to pull cards from and to:

  • Books to Read
  • Backlog (home)
  • Backlog (work)
  • This Week
  • Today – Doing
  • Done – (separate lane for Monday through Friday and a separate for weekend)

I plan my week on Monday morning first thing, then I plan my day. As I go through each day I pull cards to the specific done lane. Some of the cards are personal home tasks, some are work and personal development.

I am trying to always make sure there is something for personal development as well as family time. Family time is always a priority to me.

As I finish out this week, I will write a retrospective this weekend on my process. What are you thoughts?


Keep Trying to be Healthy & Fit

I started this journey at the very end of December 2013, some I am into 9 months now and have tried several different methods. But, one thing is I keep trying I don’t give up.

Changing to a healthy lifestyle and getting fit is very important to me. It is very difficult also! My goal is to loose weight and eat healthy, I already love my vegetables, but I want my kids to see me change and live more healthy and change what needs two be changed.

I feel this is a great lesson for myself and to model for my children.


I have to keep trying, I don’t always log “exercise” on my Fitbit, but I liked this motivation from my Fitbit..

I have two short term goals, one is to be more active and one is to eat healthier.  Every time I start a challenge I do good at maintaining it. I want to kick it up a notch this time, so I am joining the 21 Day Waist Removal Challenge.

I would love to have you join me, I will be following the 21 Day FIX from Team Beachbody and blogging/vlogging daily once I start the challenge.

If you would like to purchase the 21 Day FIX Challenge Pack which includes Shakeology I would appreciate you using the previous link.

Let’s do this together! I know we can make this happen!


21 Day “Waist” Removal Challenge

15092994045_16b82e8190_oI started this day off with a strawberry Shakeology and added a few frozen straweberries and one fresh banana.  Put this all in my Nutribullet and it was wonderful, my youngest tasted and it approved of it as well. It was very tasteful and great way to start the day off.

I have a bag of chocolate Shakeology ordered which should arrive late this week and will be trying different recipes. I am gearing up for Sept 15th to start a new challenge 21 Day ‘Waist” Removal Challenge and we are building up a great group. The challenge will be based on the 21 Day Fix fitness program which is a good one for me because it really gears towards portion control and gives a good place to start the workout. I am going to review all of the material and prepare for the challenge prior and make sure I have a solid menu ready.

I am even more excited because my whole family (wife and daughters) are joining this with me. My mother is probably going to sign on as well as another friend. If you would like to join in this challenge let me know. I send you a Facebook invite.

In the meantime please check out Team BeachBody, I am now a coach and would love to have you join this adventure with me as we work towards healthy lifestyles.




Beachbody Challenge Accepted….

I have been working on this weight loss journey for nearly 9 months now. I have slipped several times, but keep jumping back on and trying it again. Recently I met a coach named Joe and after trying his clean eating challenge and just chatting with him and investigating Team Beach Body, I decided to take the plunge.

So, I signed up and will be joining a challenge for the 21 Day Fix. If you have been following me, I am no fitness guru! I am motivated to change my lifestyle and be a better role model for my kids. As I approached 40 a very long time ago my metabolism stopped burning fat but I keep eating as I did. Now, I eat way too much and lead a very sedentary lifestyle. I wear a Fitbit and struggle to maintain 7,000 steps a day.

I have two main short term goals that I think the 21 Day FIX will help with.

  1. Manage portion control
  2. Get more active

Both of these small goals are achievable and I will detail them out more as I advance on this journey. For now, I have signed up for the 21 Day FIX challenge pack and will be eating clean and exercising as a family.

Here is a link to my coach page with  Team Beach Body, we can conquer this together.