Go Mongo!

This weekend my wife and I stopped at bd’s Mongolian Grill for dinner and wow where we impressed. If you are ready for a different experience and great food give it a try.

You purchase a bowl that you then take to the 3 different buffets, the first buffet has your meats from sasuage, pork, beef, seafood and chicken.

2012-05-12_eyefi - 1

Once you pick out your meats you then move to the second is the vegetable buffet and there is a huge selection including tofo.

The final buffet is the sauce and seasoning buffet, there are about a dozen different sauces and many seasonsing to choose from.




Once you have your bowl and seasons/sauce bowl ready you take it to the grill, which is a giant circle that can cook 12 meals at a time. You want in line (which usually moves fast) and watch the your food is cooked, this is a show also. They cooks are very entertaining make the atmosphere that much more fun.




Like I said my wife and I had a great time and look forward to going back again. We are not sure if our kids would enjoy it so we are going to keep this as a “Date Night” or “Adult Night” place. But, there where kids there that looked like they liked it.

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