Nicest thing that ever happened

Pittsburgh TweetUp promoted this prompt and I jumped aboard.


In this blogging event we are seeking to spread the word about CHS, Pittsburgh Tweetup, and the Holiday Gift Drive.  To participate we ask you write a post following the prompt: “What is the nicest thing that someone has done for you during the holidays?”

 About Pittsburgh Tweetup

Pittsburgh Tweetup is a community-driven group that meets at locations in and around Pittsburgh monthly. We enjoy showcasing what Pittsburgh has to offer in a casual environment, where long-lasting friendships are created. We often partner with other community organizations and businesses to offer a unique experience at every event.

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About the Community Human Services Holiday Gift Drive

Please help us make the holidays special for 200 children and adults in our area by supporting the 2013 CHS Holiday Gift Drive. We seek to provide a small gift for a local individual or family using the services of one of our programs. For many, this will be the only gift they receive during the holidays, and often these gifts are practical, useful, and accessible. And, they give help each person have a bit brighter winter from a warm winter coat to a cookware to fun toy.

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