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I am honored that WQED Education asked me to screen an episode of iQ: smartparents called iDads. I was not familiar with the show but of course I was familiar with the wonderful work that WQED does.

WQED is creating an institute for parents that will empower them with new knowledge, tools, and abilities to successfully guide their children in the use of digital media and technology. iQ: smartparents are a community of parents and experts who want to understand the opportunities and challenges of media as it relates to the development of their children.

This episode concentrated on how dads are involving their children in the new media that is the Internet. Never before was it possible for anyone to have the potential to reach worldwide audience like today. Fathers and mothers are using the platform to reach others and working with their children to make content. What does this mean, well to me it helps to build a child’s self-esteem and bring depth to their education. This particular episode dealt specifically with fathers because it was filmed around Father’s day.

One of the fathers Ken Denmead  has a blog and now a book “The Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists” which consist of projects that you can do with your children. The projects can be used for science fair projects and help to promote sciences with your children.

The other father in this episode, Bob McLaughlin, is making YouTube shows with his two daughters. The girls are learning about scripting, acting and just spending time with their father.

I enjoyed listening to the two fathers talk about why they are doing what they are doing, and how they feel fatherhood has changed. I have not seen either of the father’s web content before but now I am looking at it.

I share a personal connection with both of them because, I myself as you know enjoy making content with my children. The time I spend with my children for anything we do online and offline is very valuable, my children like to think of ideas that we can do for content.  I feel this helps grow their creativity as well as develop an understanding of what happens behind the scenes. There are so many aspects of making content, such as writing, editing, technology and just team work which is so important.

One very important topic that I continually remind my children is what you should share and what you should not. Some may think I share to much, but we discuss this as a family and remind  our children  that some information should NEVER  be shared and we also discuss how once something is online it can and will live forever.

I encourage you to watch the show and leave your comments below. I will be reviewing other episodes of iQ: smartparents now to see what other useful information there is.

Are you an iDad? Or an iMom?




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